How did you propose?

Rita had said she wanted a hint that it was coming. 

So I decided to send her a gift every week for first three Tuesdays of November.  Each gift had a question that hinted to a location (Rockefeller Center).  The only thing was, the location name I was looking for was “Where I got engaged.” 

On Tuesday, the 7th of November, she received an fruit arrangement with the question:

“Where does an ancient Greek god still give light to the masses?”  She guessed the Olympics.

On Tuesday, the 14th of November, she received a Pajamagram (with peppermint pj’s) with the question:

“Where do 25,000 lights stand 100 feet tall?”  She guessed Rockefeller Center (real close!)

On Tuesday, the 21st of November, she received cashmere gloves and a hat with the question:

“Where are the streets named but no traffic flows?” She guessed Atlantis.

The last question I asked her was on November 26th, right in Rockefeller Center:

“Where are you right now?”

She knew I had already told her ”Rockefeller Center” was not the final answer, so she looked around for a minute thinking of new names for where we were standing.

Finally, she gave up and I pulled out the ring and said, “It’s where you got engaged.”

Rita’s first words after she saw the ring were, “What’s this one made out of?”  (I had been practicing with other things, like plastic spider rings from Halloween.)  When she saw the diamond on a platinum band, it all sunk in.

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